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Miller Mays has been named the 2021 Safe T Cover representative of the year for outstanding sales performance.

High-performance Texas Plumbing Manufacturer Representative Sales Team.

Are you looking for a high performance plumbing manufacturers representative sales team? Miller Mays & Associates (MMA) Representatives is a plumbing and mechanical manufacturer sales agency that offers an experienced and territory savvy alternative sales team. For decades, many manufacturers both inside and outside the United States have used manufacturer representatives to put their product in the hands of more customers. In these productivity-conscious times, using a savvy and productive manufacturer representative sales force is often paramount to success. .

Increase Your Sales And Territory Market Share By Aligning Your Sales And Marketing Strategy With A Top Performing And Award Winning Team.

Using a manufacturer's rep team like the one at MMA will provide you with many of the benefits of having a satellite office in the customers location...including knowledge of local markets and rapid access to all potential accounts...without your business incurring and sustaining large fixed costs. With MMA reps, sales costs are always a fixed percentage of sales. MMA representatives today are doing more than selling, hence the importance of having real world experience. MMA reps train company personnel in the use of the products they sell, offsetting a cost their customers would otherwise carry. MMA reps make joint sales calls with the wholesaler's in-house sales.

Discover NEW Markets Through Professional Multi-Line Manufacturer Sales Reps!

In the following pages, you will have an opportunity to learn and understand MMA corporate culture, keys to success, past accomplishments, and future goals. If nothing else, it is our hope that this web sight gives you genuine insight into MMA “way of life” as it relates to constant and never-ending improvement. This is personified in MMA people…ethical professionals who convey a positive winning attitude. They are the REAL keys to our mutual success!