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Miller Mays has been named the 2021 Safe T Cover representative of the year for outstanding sales performance.

Who is Miller Mays & Associates?

Meet our Houston team | Meet our San Antonio Team

Miller Mays & Associates, LLC was started in January of 2013, when Jeff Miller and Mitchell Mays purchased CMR, INC. a plumbing supply manufacturer’s representative since 1994. Jeff was a founding member of CMR Inc. and Mitchell had been with CMR for ten years covering the Austin and San Antonio markets.

MMA (Miller Mays & Associates) specializes in the selling and marketing of commercial plumbing products. The MMA team has over 150 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry. We cover the southern half of Texas; Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, which also includes; The Valley, College Station, Galveston and Beaumont.

MMA has two office locations, one in Houston and the other in San Antonio. The Houston office includes a full service warehouse facility and both locations are fully staffed with both inside and outside sales associates.

Our Mission Statement

Miller Mays & Associates is an aggressive sales and marketing manufacturer's representative agency. We strive to offer our customers the best technical and customer service in our industry.

We are committed to providing professional, ethical and trustworthy services as we continue to aim to be the best in our industry.

Our Corporate Beliefs

Many of the principled beliefs of the company are espoused in the MMA mission statement. To be included among these core beliefs are:

The Customer is everything.  Without our customers, MMA would not exist. We respect every Customer. MMA believes in limiting the number of manufacturers represented.  MMA recognizes that a manufacturers' representative should be a marketing, sales, technical, and service professional; not a brokerage house. MMA is the hardest working, most aggressive rep. in Texas. MMA will continually strive to attract the most qualified and principled people to add to the MMA team.   This philosophy is paramount in MMA’s drive to be the best. MMA will judge its performance not based on other reps; and not based on our past performance. Every day is a new challenge with a new goal.

Selling is exceptionally challenging.  Success requires strong relationships with all Customers at the specification, wholesale, and contractor levels. To meet these challenges in a successful manner, MMA builds trust by proving to the Customer that MMA is totally competent, extremely ethical, and undeniably enthusiastic. MMA espouses these traits; and it works!

The end result is that Customers want MMA to be successful. This partnership is why MMA recognizes the Customer as king.