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Miller Mays has been named the 2021 Safe T Cover representative of the year for outstanding sales performance.

Satisfying Thirsts Since 1912

Interceptors and AcidNeutralization Systems

Eye Wash Stations and Drench Showers**

Utility Controllers for Science Labs 

Stainless Steel Sinks & Accessories

Thermostatic Mixing Valves 

Roof Top Supports

Regulators & Backflow Devices**

Covers & Enclosures for Pumps Compressors, Valves and Equipment

Corrosive Waste Drainage Products

Vitreous China Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

Pre-sloped Trench Drain Systems

Flush Valves & Sensor Products**

Floor Drains, Cleanouts, Fixture Supports, Interceptors & Hydrants**

PVC Drainage Products, Mop Basins, Grease Interceptors**

Commercial Faucets & Pressure Balancing Shower Valves**

** In Stock at MMA’s Warehouse in Houston.