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Zurn Wilkins® Releases New Connected Backflow Preventer

Connected Backflow Preventer

Zurn Industries, LLC announces its Internet of Things (IoT) debut with the launch of Connected Products portfolio. The Zurn Connected Backflow Preventer will be the first rollout within a suite of advanced connected water solutions from Zurn.The 375ASTW1 Connected Backflow Preventer includes a wireless monitor that senses for a relief valve discharge when a backflow condition exists. Business owners and maintenance personnel can set parameters and notifications around their backflow preventer’s operation. They can receive alerts in real time via email or text message in the event of relief valve water discharge so that they can respond faster. Product performance data and trends are accessed through a secure web-based portal from any location on any device, desktop or mobile. The data allows the user to determine patterns and get a better sense of their products.

“Backflow preventers are designed to protect the in-bound potable water supply to any building. However, when a backflow event occurs, they can discharge considerable amounts of water. The resulting flood damage, especially if the backflow preventer is installed inside, can be an extremely costly setback,” said Thushan Hemachandra, Global Product Manager for IoT Solutions at Zurn. “Zurn’s connected backflow preventer gives business owners and facility managers the control, enabling them to know if and exactly when they need to take action to prevent a damaging flood event. And through insightful device analytics and patterns offered within the secure and mobile-friendly web portal maintenance activities can become more intuitive and proactive. It’s not just a better product; it’s creating a smarter operation for the building.”